S&S - Sansei Technologies, formerly S&S Worldwide, is an American company known for its pneumatically powered amusement rides and roller coaster designing.


S&S - Sansei Technologies was founded by Stan Checketts as S&S Sports, Inc. S&S Sports manufactured bungee jumping and trampoline equipment. S&S Sports was sold in 1996. In 1994, S&S began manufacturing air-powered amusement rides which is now the main stay of the company.[1] S&S - Sansei Technologies is based in Logan, Utah.

In 2002, S&S began looking for opportunities to expand their business, citing acquisitions as the best method to do so.[2] Following the bankruptcy filing of wooden roller coaster manufacturer Custom Coasters International (CCI), S&S hired founder Denise Dinn-Larrick and several other former CCI employees to start a new wooden coaster division for the company.[2] In October 2002, S&S founded S&S Arrow, a limited liability company which purchased the assets of the bankrupt Arrow Dynamics.[3] However, the only Arrow Dynamics coaster design S&S continues to offer is the 4th dimension coaster.

In 2004, after four wooden roller coasters were built, S&S closed that division of the company.[4]

In 2006, S&S Power opened Celebration Centre, a Family Entertainment Center featuring a number of S&S rides and prototypes. The facility was later sold and is currently no longer operating.[5]

On August 25, 2006 S&S Power, Inc. announced that Stan Checketts and Gene Mulvihill, both original founding partners of S&S, had formed a group to purchase a controlling interest of S & S. The negotiations took several months. CEO Checketts was to direct the company based on the same principles upon which it was founded; " provide the amusement industry with thrilling, high-quality rides the entire family can enjoy." Checketts also announced that the business operations of S&S would remain under the direction of Rich Allen, who would continue in his role as Chief Operating Officer.

In February 2009, Larsen MacColl Partners acquired a significant equity interest in S&S, including all shares previously owned by Checketts. The Koffman family and affiliated shareholders were to maintain their ownership interest. Checketts ended his consulting relationship with the company in order to pursue other business interests.[6] As of December 2013, those interests included Soaring Eagle Zipline Inc., of Logan Utah.

In November 2012, S&S Worldwide Inc., entered into a binding agreement with Sansei Yusoki Co., Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, whereby Sansei acquired 77.3% interest in S&S.[7][8] Signage at the 2012 and 2013 IAAPA Attractions Expos promoted the new company as S&S - Sansei Technologies.

Types of amusement ridesEdit

Roller coastersEdit

Model First produced Description
Free Spin 2015 Variation of a wing coaster in which seats are able to rotate along the pitch axis at 360 degrees. The track does not veer off or tilt in any way, as opposed to S&S' other 4th Dimension model.[9]
4th Dimension 2006 Variation of a wing coaster in which seats are able to rotate along the pitch axis at 360 degrees. The track is laid out like a traditional sit-down roller coaster.[10]
El Loco 2008 Slower-paced roller coaster containing a beyond-vertical drop and thin rails.[11]
Free Fly 2009 Inverted roller coaster with track inversions that are made obsolete due to a revolving carriage.[12]
Family Inverted Coaster 2017 An inverted roller coaster with seating below the rails.
Wooden Coaster 2003 (discontinued) Standard wooden roller coaster with several variations in track layout.[13]
Screaming Squirrel 2005 Variation of the wild mouse roller coaster where there is no defined primary drop, consisting of several "hairpins" and saxophone inversions.[14]
Air-Launched Coaster 2001 Name given to a variety of roller coasters utilizing compressed air launch systems.


Flat ridesEdit

Notable installationsEdit

Name Model Park/Country Year Opened
Dinoconda 4th Dimension Dino Watertown, China 2012
Barnstormer Screamin' Swing Dollywood, United States 2011 [23]
Batwing Spaceshot Space Shot Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia 2006 [24]
Big Shot Space Shot Stratosphere Las Vegas, United States 1996 [25]
Columbia & Discovery Multi-tower Ride Mirabilandia, Italy 1997
Crazy Bird El Loco Happy Valley, Tianjin 2013
Detonator Space Shot Worlds of Fun, United States 1996 [26]
Doctor Doom's Fearfall Space Shot Islands of Adventure, United States 1999 [27]
Dodonpa Air-Launched Coaster Fuji-Q Highland, Japan 2001 [28]
Dominator Multi-tower Ride Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, United States 1999
Down Time Turbo Drop Lake Compounce, United States 2004
Eejanaika 4th Dimension Fuji-Q Highland, Japan 2006 [29]
El Loco El Loco Adventuredome 2014
Extreme Rusher Air-Launched Coaster Happy Valley Beijing, China 2011 [30]
Giant Barn Swing Screamin' Swing Silver Dollar City, United States 2007
Green Lantern Coaster El Loco Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia 2011 [31]
Hell Cat Wooden Coaster Clementon Amusement Park, United States 2004 [32]
HellCat Wooden Coaster Timber Falls Adventure Park, United States 2004 [33]
Hellevator Combo Tower Ride Playland (Vancouver), Canada 2000
Ice Blast: The Ride Space Shot Pleasure Beach Blackpool, United Kingdom 1997 [34]
Merlin's Mayhem (roller coaster) Family Inverted Coaster Dutch Wonderland, United States 2017
Mumbo Jumbo El Loco Flamingo Land Resort, United Kingdom 2009 [35]
Powder Keg: A Blast into the Wilderness Air-Launched Coaster Silver Dollar City, United States 2005 [36]
Power Tower Multi-tower Ride Cedar Point, United States 1998
Power Tower Multi-tower Ride Valleyfair, United States 2000
Raketti (Space Shot) Space Shot Linnanmäki, Finland 1999
ring°racer Air-Launched Coaster Nürburgring, Germany 2013 [37]
The Rocket Multi-tower Ride Lagoon Amusement Park, United States 1999
Rush Screamin' Swing Thorpe Park, United Kingdom 2005 [38]
Sasquatch Multi-tower Ride Great Escape, United States 2009
Scream! Combo Tower Ride Six Flags Fiesta Texas, United States 1999
Scream! Multi & Combo Tower Ride Six Flags New England, United States 1998 [39]
Sequoia Adventure Screaming Squirrel Gardaland, Italy 2005
Skyhawk Screamin' Swing Cedar Point, United States 2006
Slammer Sky Swatter Thorpe Park, United Kingdom 2005 [18]
Steel Hawg El Loco Indiana Beach, United States 2008 [40]
Supreme Scream Turbo Drop Knott's Berry Farm, United States 1998 [41]
Timber Drop El Loco Fraispertuis City 2011
Tranan Free Fly Skara Sommarland, Sweden 2009 [42]
Thunder and Lightning Screaming Swing Lake Compounce, United States 2006
Twist Coaster Robin El Loco Yomiuriland 2014
Xtreme Swing Screamin' Swing Valleyfair, United States 2006
Batman: The Ride 4D Free Spin Six Flags Fiesta Texas, United States 2015
The Joker 4D Free Spin Six Flags Great Adventure, United States 2016
The Joker 4D Free Spin Six Flags Great America, United States 2017
The Joker 4D Free Spin Six Flags New England, United States 2017
The Joker 4D Free Spin Six Flags Over Texas, United States 2017
Screaming Squirrel El Loco Dima Ostrov, Russia 2007

Former installationsEdit

Name Model Park/Country Year Opened Year Closed
Catapult Sky Swatter Six Flags New England 2006 2012 [43]
Hypersonic XLC Air-Launched Coaster Kings Dominion 2001 2007 [44]
Maliboomer Space Shot Disney California Adventure Park 2001 2010 [45]
VertiGo Sky Sling Cedar Point
Knott's Berry Farm


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