Here's Alll of the Attractions and Entertainment at Disneyland Montréal Park in Disney Montréal Resort. So, All Attractions Will Be in English (From American Disney Parks) and Some Attractions in Mostly French (From Disneyland Resort Paris).

List of Attractions: Edit

Downtown Village Edit

  1. Downtown City Hall
  2. Downtown Movie Plex
  3. Downtown Vehicles
  4. Disneyland Montréal Railroad
  5. Penny Arcade

Gardens of Fantasia Edit

  1. Fantasia Carrousel (Disneyland Montréal version)
  2. Storybook Hub
  3. Ballerina Castle
  4. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Storybookland Edit

  1. Pooh's Marvelous Adventures
  2. Disneyland Montréal Railroad - Storybookland Station
  3. Monstro's Revenge
  4. Mad Tea Party
  5. Alice's Castle Courtyard
  6. Ariel's Castle
  7. Under the Sea Experience
  8. Neverland
  9. Gummi Glen
  10. Pocahontas River Ride
  11. Snow White's Mine Train
  12. Rapunzel's Gold Lantern Viewing Boats
  13. Jasmine's Magic Carpets
  14. Casey Jr. Train
  15. It's a Small World
  16. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  17. Mulan's Fighting Tutorial
  18. Voyage to the Crystal Grotto (Disneyland Montréal version)

Frozenland Edit

  1. Frozen Ever After
  2. Anna and Elsa Ice Palace
  3. Wandering Oaken's Dancing Sleighs
  4. Olaf Swing

Mickey's Fairytale Town Edit

  1. Mickey's Cottage
  2. Minnie's Cottage
  3. Donald's Cottage
  4. Daisy's Cottage
  5. Donald and Daisy's Imaginary Trip
  6. Pluto's Enchanted Doghouse
  7. Goofy's Cottage
  8. Goofy's Fairytale Land Airlines
  9. Chip and Dale's Treehouse
  10. Scrooge McDuck's Mansion
  11. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Magical
  12. Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Park

Frontierland Edit

  1. Great Wild Mine Range
  2. Country Mountain Running Rapids
  3. Critter Nature Trail
  4. Splash Mountain
  5. Humphrey the Bear's Bumper Boat Lake
  6. Audobon J. Woodlore's Petting Zoo
  7. Davy Crockett's Adventure Canoes
  8. Westward Town Express

Tomorrowland Edit

  1. Buzz Lightyear Space World
  2. Star Mountain Range
  3. Adventure Thru Inner Space
  4. Muppet Mobile Lab
  5. Disney Racers Speedway
  6. UFO Zone

Adventureland Edit

  1. Safari Ferries
  2. Tarzan's Treehouse
  3. Tarzan's Jungle Swingthrough
  4. Muppet Treasure Island Voyage
  5. Indiana Jones's Mysterious Ride
  6. Yeti Mountain

Entertainment Edit

  1. All-Stars Parade  (Daytime Parade)
  2. Disneyland Montréal Electrical Parade: DreamLights (Nighttime Parade)
  3. Magic Flights! (Nightime Show at Ballerina Castle)
  4. Fantasmic! (Performed at Storybookland's Rivers of the Castle)
  5. The Kids of the Kingdom (Performed at the Tomorrowland Showbase)
  6. Disney's Jungle Festival (Performed at Adventureland Oasis Theater)
  7. Festival of the Lion King  (Performed at Adventureland Africa Theater)
  8. Pecos Goofy Frontier Revue (Performed at Golden Nugget Theater)
  9. “Frozen” Festival Show (Performed at Frozenland Ice Theater)
  10. Disneyland Montréal Band (Performed in Downtown Village, Sometimes Performs in Storybookland, Frontierland or Tomorrowland)
  11. Caribbean Steel Drummers (Performed at Adventureland)
  12. The Banjo Sisters (Performed at Frontierland)
  13. Fantasy of Magical (Performed at Storybookland Disney Storybook Theater)